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Kids ‘N’ Clasmall knc horiz w_o url.pngy adheres to the following goals to encourage a positive impact on the lives of children and their creativity.
  • To encourage the creative spirit in every child.

  • Img85.pngTo enrickevin w_student.pngh and inspire the creative genius possessed by every individual.

  • To create an environment that initiates creative problem-solving.

  • To inspire young people to enjoy the pride that comes with accomplishment and the joy of working and cooperating with others.

  • To inspire children to discover their unique place in the world.

  • To help children express themselves so they can find their own creative paths.

  • To create a positive impact on children’s lives, by allowing them to make their own decisions, including mistakes, as part of their creative process and personal development.

  • To create a studio environment that encourages students to express themselves freely, without limitations, something that is sometimes lacking in traditional learning environments.

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